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Moving can disrupt your office’s work flow, yet if you’re organized, it would go smoother. Having detailed office move plan would make your work much simpler. Each office move is different, yet here are some of the things you should have in your checklist for office move.

Make Sure to Schedule Your Move Before the Week Ends

It’ll give your employees the weekend to set up and unpack their things for their work space for Monday.


It is reasonable to expect individuals in particular areas to organize their part of moving. Staff and management have various roles. Yet as the individual in charge of move, you’ll be overseeing their parts. See to it that you send out emails as well as notify every department. Give them some basic instructions for moving and let them know what should be expected during the moving day.

Start with New Floor Plan

You will be working backwards in a sense, yet begin your move plan at a new office destination. With the use of the floor plan of your new office, you might be able to obtain it from building owners or property management, mark the desks, and some items would be located in that office. Begin a numbering system and consider assigning a number to every person for all furniture, boxes, and much more. This would be moved to your new office.

Management Could Make Cubicle or Room Assignments

Never get involved in the office politics. Expect the staff to maneuver for the best cubicle areas o offices. Leave such decisions to the management. This is why they make big money.

Take Note of the Inventory

Regardless of how detail-oriented and organized you are, you cannot keep track of everything. Create an inventory sheet for every individual to fill out for their own area.

Ensure Labels and Moving Boxes Are Available

10 boxes per cubicle or office must be enough. Professional movers like Hillsmoving.ca will give you directions on how they like you to pack up your office. Get recommendations from them if possible. Forward all of the moving instructions to every office personnel that’ll be moving.

Say Goodbye to Trash

Office moves are actually a good opportunity to have general housecleaning. Several weeks before the day of your move, hire the best mobile shredding company only if your business does not have a shredding system. Ask personnel to go through the areas as well as throw out, put things away or recycle in your shred bin.

Distribute a Master Layout’s Copy

Every employee must have the copy of a new office space layout. Ask every employee to use it when marking their things with the coordinating office number.

Advocate Personal Responsibility

Before the day of the move, the office staff would have to clear out personal things from their workspace. It includes irreplaceable, breakable, and personal items. They’ll be responsible to move such items on their own. Through this, only the work-related things would be packed, moved, and unpacked.