Switch Your IRA Into Gold



This might very well be the question running through your head at this time, and it very well should be, indeed. When planning for your retirement, you can never be too safe. This is, after all, your retirement we’re talking about.

The good news is that you can convert your IRA into Gold. However, it will require a little bit of work on your part. As long as you keep your wits about you and take every precaution, converting your pre-existing IRA into gold should cause no issues. It’s all about how to move 401k to gold without penalty.


The common wisdom regarding this issue dictates that, in all cases, you must first open a new IRA account that is specialized in handling gold as an investment. There are specific financial institutions that make this kind of investment (not just anyone will/can provide such services), and the requirement for closing the deal is that you must buy physical Gold Bullion, either in the form of Gold Bars or Gold Eagle Coins. However, when weighing your choices you should proceed with caution.

Once your new Gold IRA has been created, it is then possible to ask for what is called a Direct Transfer. A Direct Transfer is handled between the custodians of your two separate accounts, ideally involving no “middle man” at any point in the process. Direct Transfers are the safest means of switching your old IRA into your new Gold IRA, as the entire process is only handled by two people – each of whom is legally bound to make sure your money/gold gets from Point A to Point B.


Like any other venture, one should always be mindful of with whom he/she does business. While the prospect of some gold vendor selling you gold without much effort sounds appealing, there are a few pitfalls I should warn you about. Trust me: While it might take longer to set up a Gold IRA using the necessary precautions, you will thank me later.

Beware Gold Eagle Coins: I made mention of the Gold Eagle Coins earlier, but I did not mention their drawback. Many Gold Vendors will only sell you gold in the form of these coins; however, while their value is the same as the cash you paid for them, the insurance coverage (should anything happen) has a startlingly fixed rate of $50 per coin.


Investing In Gold With A Roth IRA

Roth IRAs are, perhaps, the most common among retirees in America. Of all Roth IRAs opened and maintained every year, there is a large amount of Gold Roth IRAs opened as well. The reasons for this are simple, and so are the advantages.

Gold does not lose value, unlike fiat currency, as it is a precious commodity. Since there is only so much gold in the world it always is valuable, and it will always be an accepted currency the world over – regardless of what might happen to the global economy down the road.

Alas, many retirees find themselves knowing very little about Gold Roth IRAs, or how they work.


First off, let’s take a look at what makes a Gold Roth IRA different from your more traditional IRAs.

In a traditional IRA, a retiree can only put cash into his/her account. This means that the account is meant solely for cash (in our case, USD). Such a stipulation means that the value of your IRA can decrease over time, should the economy suffer any hardships. It also means that, should you choose to retire overseas, the value could be substantially less in the event the currency of your new nation is stronger than the USD.

Gold Roth IRAs, however, are not as susceptible to the ebb and flow of the global economy. As stated earlier, gold is rare – precious even – and as such it will always keep its value. Not only can gold keep its value, but it can also rise in value; in the past decade, the value of gold has risen by 300%! This sort of value will ensure that your IRA’s worth can potentially increase as the value of gold continues to rise.

Another advantage to Gold Roth IRAs is that a retiree can transfer pre-existing IRA funds into the new Gold Roth IRA. As such, it should be noted that gold from a Roth IRA cannot be transferred to a pre-existing, traditional IRA. As this is the case, it is advised to transfer the funds from a traditional IRA into a Gold Roth IRA, and then to close the old IRA once the entirety of it has been transferred.


When investing money into a Gold Roth IRA it is typical for institutions to adhere to the same limit they assign other IRAs. The largest amount of cash that one can invest into a Gold Roth IRA is $5,000, per year. As mentioned, this is the standard restriction set by most (if not all) institutions.


Retirees looking to open a Gold Roth IRA should be able to do so through their current IRA provider (such as Vanguard, Charles Schwab, Fidelity, and so on…), and gold can often be purchased through one’s bank. The best advice I can give to retirees looking to open a Gold Roth IRA is to search online, dedicating enough time to research each company thoroughly.

Are Physical Gold IRAs a Good Idea

In the current downward state of our economy, it is even more imperative that we can have as much money saved up for retirement as possible. Between IRAs and 401k’s, there are several different ways that you can grow your retirement fund. But, you do want to get the most value for your money without having to forfeit as much money for taxes, which is why you’re considering an IRA.

You’ve probably heard of and wondered about physical gold IRAs, more importantly, whether or not they’re a good idea. If you want the truth, it’s a personal decision. Certain individuals would benefit more from having solely cash in their IRAs versus gold. There are still others who are much better off having gold, but we’ll get to that later.

Now, gold is a commodity that has been through it all and has never decreased in value. It has been around since the beginning of mankind and has backed the US dollar for centuries. It has survived wars, the oil crisis, 911, the recession, and all of the other events that have caused strain on the economy. But, it has never lost its value; it has only increased in value. In fact, over the past decade, the value of gold has increased by 300%.

The US dollar, on the other hand, is getting weaker day by day. It used to be backed by gold, but now that we’re printing off more money than we have enough gold, how can that be? What if all of that money that you so dutifully stored in your IRA loses its value? What if day you decide to cash in your IRA, only to find that it has shrunk significantly in size? One way to avoid this event is by purchasing gold and putting the bars into your IRA.

That being said, gold cannot gain revenue by sitting in your IRA account, which is why having a gold-based IRA scares most people. It seems like the whole point of setting up a retirement fund is to gain interest, right? Since gold is an object and not money, you can’t gain interest in it by keeping it in your account for X number of years. As mentioned before, though, there are certain situations where having gold in your IRA will be more favorable to you than money.

If you have a no-income portfolio and don’t have any stocks or bonds that you foresee being profitable, or if your IRA is the only financial investment vessel that you have, having gold in your IRA is greatly beneficial to you. In addition, having physical gold AND cash-based IRA accounts are valuable. This is because your gold account can be liquidated and you will receive the cash from the gold for what it is worth, which will be more than what you paid for it.

When deciding to base your IRA on physical gold or through other assets, it is up to you and what you feel more comfortable with. Keep in mind, though, that gold has only increased in value, while cash is being printed off daily with nothing necessarily backing it. On the same token, having money in your IRA will guarantee interest that will help your account to grow. In either case, you will be saving for your future and creating a safe nest egg to live comfortably during retirement.

Gold IRA Rollover – Everything You Should Know!

There are a variety of concerns that every person needs to address during specific stages of their development and through it, all, the prospect of retirement looms overhead with an air of mystery and uncertainty. There are several things that you have to do to properly take care of your retirement prospects. The first thing that you must do is to specifically frame the objectives and goals that you possess as far as your retirement plans go. What kind of life do you want to live when you’ve reached the right age for retirement and do you have the tools and resources that you need to materialize the dreams that you have for yourself? It is a concrete fact that there are very few things that are a certainty in this life but you can take the necessary steps to ensure that you can establish a few contingency measures. The best way for you to secure your prospects for retirement is to acquire a palpable grasp of the options that are available for you to pursue. Over the last few years, several individuals have taken to acquiring a Gold IRA Rollover to secure their future retirement plans. What is a Gold IRA Rollover and why should you invest in this specific plan? Let’s take a look at a few crucial points that every person should take a closer look at.

What is a Gold IRA Rollover?

Traditionally, people have resorted to 401k pension accounts as a means of securing their grip on their future retirement plans. Over the years, rising rates of inflation have caused previous investments made within the markets of the paper currency to devalue, thereby causing its investors to lose an incalculable amount of money. Gold IRA Rollovers provide you with a tangible form of security because of the nature of the material that you’re investing in. Historically, gold has proven to possess an uncanny ability to weather the most difficult of economic storms such as recessions and sudden crashes in the stock market. In addition, the intrinsic value that gold possesses tends to increase in value over the years in a steady manner. By choosing to invest in a Gold IRA Rollover, you are taking a step towards securing the returns that you make on your investment decisions over a protracted duration of time.

How to Take on a Gold IRA Rollover

Before you can execute concrete steps to take out a Gold IRA Rollover, you must set aside the time to open a self–directed IRA. It should be noted that there is a specific degree of technicality that surrounds the process of investing in gold. There is a great need for you to be aware of the fact that you can’t manage the account on your own without an exhaustive background on how the financial markets work. Given the challenges inherent in the procedure in question, it becomes imperative for you to locate the services of a capable custodian to manage the IRA for you.

The Search for an IRA Custodian

gold-iraThere are several things that you have to be cognizant of when you begin to go through the process of searching for a professional who can guide you through the process of taking out a Gold IRA Rollover. The main thing that you want to be able to do is to cobble together a list of options that you can personally vet in greater depth during the later stages of your selection process. One of the most common mistakes that people commit when they begin searching for viable custodian options is to acquire the first option that they encounter throughout their search efforts. You need to be aware of the fact that there are very few professionals who possess the level of expertise that is required to accurately manage a self–directed IRA. The number of custodians who possess the technical knowledge and degree of familiarity that is needed to secure an IRA that is backed by gold is even more limited in comparison. Tread lightly and base your choices on information culled from empirical research methods and lengthy discussions with the prospective custodian that you’re looking into possibly hiring.

Final Thoughts on Gold IRA Rollover

The main thing that you want to do is to look for a company that possesses a reputable and established a reputation for handling cases that deal specifically with Gold IRA Rollovers. Don’t rush your way through the search process and take breaks in between each meeting to ensure that your perspective doesn’t get clouded by feelings of exhaustion and stress. Integrating a Gold IRA Rollover into your investment portfolio will increase the level of diversity that is afforded to you in terms of future returns on investment. The very nature of gold affords you some measure of protection in case there’s a sudden downturn in the paper currency markets. With enough research, effort, and time, the acquisition of a Gold IRA Rollover may prove to be the wisest investment decision that you’ve ever made.

Self-Storage Gold IRA And The Right Retirement Savings

Self Storage Gold IRA is a new program introduced by Augusta Precious Metals. Many people are concerned about the future of their long-term investments in light of the recent economic crises, some of which have hurt rich people as well as middle-class and working-class individuals. Traditional investment portfolios are going to be hugely vulnerable to shifts in the economy, which is one of many reasons why people are literally and figuratively looking for something that is somewhat more solid. A self-storage IRA can serve as a viable alternative to traditional investing for a lot of people.

Some individuals are concerned about the future of their retirement funds for multiple reasons. For one thing, many politicians have talked about dipping into the social security fund to address problems with the national debt in the United States. If any of this legislation ever goes through, countless older people are going to lose their retirement money as a result, and the economic gains involved with improvements in the national debt crisis will probably not help them to any significant degree.

National debt doesn’t affect the economy to the extent that many politicians say it does. Private debt has a much more severe effect on the economy, and a self-storage IRA can protect many individuals who have had to cope with private debt over the years. These days, many people do not even fully alleviate their private levels of debt until they are middle-aged or even older. Many people never retire today specifically because their levels of private debt are so high and have been so high throughout their entire working lives that they simply don’t have the savings to retire.

Many other people are relying on their companies to secure funding for retirement since a corporate pension is a very common benefit. However, there have been many scandals recently involving companies losing or spending pension funds. Employees that have worked there for decades may lose all of the money that they so carefully worked for all those years, and they will have a much more difficult time being hired at a much later point in their lives. Getting a self-storage IRA allows people to rely on themselves when it comes to preparing for retirement.

People are also living longer today. Individuals who retire at age sixty-five and especially fifty-five, which were the traditional retirement ages during the twentieth century, will often spend the majority of their retirement funds long before the end of their lives. A self-storage IRA can help these people as well, since the gold that people save when they secure a self-storage IRA is going to stay valuable with time. People who are simply living off of their savings are going to lose a lot of money with time as a result of inflation, since the interest rates involved with savings accounts are rarely going to match the rate of inflation that people have to cope with, and some interest rates are so low that they barely qualify. Having solid assets will allow people to retire in a much more stable fashion.